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Floodlights, drugs and videotapes


postet i musikk 2013.12.05 22:07

What is it, this song, this band, that has the oh so harsh voices of critics raving their minds out in positives for the first time in their miserable lives?

Here are a few quotes of accoladed acclaims:

Håkon Moslet: 'Det er så bra. Så bra. Jeg tisser på meg!' (Payback, Håkon! Remember Seigmen/Zeromancer?? You cunt!)

Thor Milde: 'Bra!' (bra!)

Egon Holstad: 'Æ elska Shatoo. Det her va like digg og overraskanes som første gang æ drefsa lakserolja i skolten førr å style den (æ trudde lakserolja va fiskebasert helseolje)'

(For non-Norwegians: All these quotes are fake. Just me messing with the self-appointed musical elite)

Well, I can't speak for them elitist douches, I can only speak for this douche, myself, and what I have to say is as follows...

Oh, the song, Floodlights, is located here:

I heard an interwiev Dag gave to some radio channel, where he talked about being afraid of reviews, or, that they wouldn't get the concept of this revived used-to-be greatness of a band (still great). That the whole point is to approach the songs with the late 80's in mind and at heart.
Weeeeell, that might be, but my claim is that this has failed majorly, cause I can't frigging hear any 80's in this good sheit. There's the usual amount of sugarsweet sorrow and depression, the usual amount of stadium anthem and the usual amount of a lot of things, but no sir, I can't agree to hearing any 80'ssssss spesific sounds or vibes. I think it sounds very modern and slick. Slick as a dick. Oh snap, that wasn't fair, spank me!

When the refrain starts with ooh-run the floodlights, I can literally see and feel Dennis Quaid or Cillian Murphy come storming through the door, to save us from ice ages and zombies, it's a fucking awesome disaster movie refrain. 42 kudos to Dag for that. Brilliant. Of course, the word itself, floodlights, might have something to do with that feeling I get. It's good at any rate and reason, so there!

I tend to pick up on small passages and shit in songs, or movies, or in anything, and here's another one of those from this song. Near the end they do this awesome 'oh-oooh-oooooh-oooooh-run the floodlights' that sounds like a fucking sex scene between Cher and her inventive use of a similar technique, or maybe it is the exact same technique, hell if I know, I ain't no muscisian, and Skrillex, that is a sex scene with Cher and Skrillex, for those that lost track of the previous sentence (I know I did).
All in all, I can't help it but love this song. It isn't music I am suppose to like, it never was back when either. I am supposed to only like brimstones and devil worship, I am. But guess what? I still don't give a Fisherman's friend about who and what I am supposed to like. I like what I like, and that's all there is to it, really.

The lyrics ...
At first, it felt like a stalker lyric. 'Last call's been made to your station', 'I've been watching you lately, I know you felt it sometimes', 'There's no denying I gave it all for you, though I never stood a chance' and 'there are walls all around you, I know they choke you sometimes' and a feel about the whole song lead me to think this at first. Buthe, I don't subscribe to this belief any longer.
What I do believe is that Dag once again describes events from his own life. Sad events, as life often is. There's been this person that he's cared a lot for and tried his best, through faults and love and heart, his very best, but couldn't reach through to, because of this said person's inner issues, demons and quite possibly depressions, anxiety and OCDs. It might not be as bad as all that, but this much is clear, that person couldn't pursuit a relationship until personal issues had been sorted out, if they ever was, that is.
So, as I said, sad. So very sad :(
Love long lost and all that sorrow. Real life sure bites hard.

I'm about all blogged out now, but did I mention Dennis Quaid and Cillian Murphy? I guess I did!
Looking very much forward to the remixes and more new songs from Shatoo.

Only one thing left to speak: Run them floodlights now, y'all!




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